150 years Senfter

1857: the Senfter butchery was established in San Candido.


During the sixties, Franz Senfter takes over the management of the company and with him the company gains an industrial character.


1981: the “Pustertaler Fleischhof” was established and with it a clear division between fresh meat preparation and the manufacturing of speck and other pork products was brought about.


1983: with the modernization of the production site in San Candido, Senfter obtains the export license and soon thereafter a distribution platform in Germany near Munich is founded.


1988: building of a new production site for speck and roasted ham in San Candido. These new production standards were awarded the ISO 9001 Certification in 1994.


1995: Senfter establishes a distribution company and logistic center in Bologna, the “Rds S.r.l.”. At the same time Senfter founds a Joint Venture in China with the Chinese company “Shineway” and starts producing for the Chinese market. Moreover, Senfter founds a company in Rotterdam, which is responsible for the purchasing of fresh meat and raw materials.


1996: Senfter establishes the “Senfter Service S.r.l.” in Rasun (Bolzano) for the distribution of fresh meat in the Alto Adige region. In addition, Senfter reinforces its market position in Germany.


2001: “Italia Salumi S.p.a.”, a joint venture between Senfter and Unibon Salumi Scarl, is established. This new company, based in Modena (Italy), distributes products of both original companies in Italy and the worldwide market.


2005: the Joint Venture is completed through the transfer of all production units into a new company called Grandi Salumifici Italiani S.p.a., which is now in charge of all functions from production to distribution of Casa Modena and Senfter products. The year before “Gasser Speck S.p.a.” with production units in Alto Adige joins the group.

2007: The Senfter company becomes a Holding with a successful and future-oriented portfolio operating in different branches: food, tourism, finance, transport and real estate. The “SENFTER Holding S.p.a.” is strongly involved in the development of public projects for the Alto Adige region.

Furthermore Franz Senfter starts up the foundation “Harpfe”, which aims to protect Tyrolean traditions.


2008 the Senfter-Holding company enhances its engagement in alternative energy in buying all the shares of the IBET srl. IBET srl (italian bio environmental tecnologies) and works on the realization of a large-scale project to produce biogas in China.


2009 Senfter Holding, Euregio Finance S.p.a. and some other local investors take over the Italian language private TV channel “Video33”. Thereafter the Rosengarten AG will introduce the German language private TV channel “SDF”.


2010 “Dolomiti Fashion Street” is introduced to the market. The fashion boutique “Pure fashion” offers a large range of exclusive designer clothing.


2010 the company “Nuova Alta Val Comelico Srl” will be established to build and manage cable cars and ski slopes in the Comelico Superiore ski area.


2011 In June 2011 the new exclusive holiday residence “Zin Senfter Residence****” opens its doors to the boasting tourism market in San Candido: 21 luxurious apartments divided in four modern farmhouses overlooking the breath taking Dolomites. Set in midst the “Senfter Platzl” and its exquisite boutiques (Pure fashion and Peak Performance), traditional Tyrolean restaurants and San Candido’s pulsating life centre, it certainly enriched the mountain village.


2013 “Senfter Südtirol” extends and upgrades the existing establishment in Chiusa/Klausen to the European’s most modern production plant for cooked meats, by investing 20 million Euro. Besides improving the production facilities, also the working environment for the 70 employees enhances thanks to more efficient machineries.


2013 Senfter Holding and Rosengarten Srl establish the local Italian language news site www.goinfo.it ant the company Goinfo Srl.