Our values

The Senfter Holding company has always had deep roots with its territory Alto Adige and, more specifically, Val Pusteria.  Our activities and values have been inspired by this connection with our birth place for decades. A forward looking cooperation between Management, staff and the larger community that embeds the company is essential for success. Senfter Holding is proud to share its success with this community and to contribute to a mutual enrichment. We base our vision for the future on the economic, cultural and social growth of Alto Adige.

We believe that our region offers great opportunities for companies that are looking to achieve ambitious results both at home and abroad. We believe that our region is a key point between North and South, East and West. Here, since ancient times cultures have come together to create common values. We believe that our region is a place rich in natural beauty and richer still in the human quality of its people. All our actions shall be guided by our desire to safeguard this environment for future generations to come. It is our deep conviction that an ongoing effort to improve the status quo will bear long term success.  Our visions go far, our dreams know no limit. We are searching near and far for fruitful opportunities, and sometimes leave the beaten track by doing so.

However, we never lose sight of our mission to create value for our company and our territory. Our objectives are worth only the paper they are written on if it wasn’t for the heartfelt commitment of our staff members. Our employees are our most important resource and source of strength, which merits serious and ongoing investment. We welcome diversity of ideas and cultures within our company and consider it a source of daily growth and enrichment. The human being is CenterPoint in all our actions. It is our duty to awaken his full potential and put it at the service of the company and the community.